10 Christmas Girlfriend Gift ideas for Zara's Fashion Lovers.

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Christmas time is around the corner and getting gifts is the best thing ever!! Right??Probably... but not entirely true. The best thing definitely is looking at your girlfriend's little cute face lightening up to realize that you choose the perfect gift for her. 

Because girls love presents, not because we needed it so much (we like to exaggerate a little about it), but because it shows how much someone knows and understands us. Having someone who is looking for small hints all the time of what we love and what we enjoy so they can pick the best present is absolutely priceless.  

Buying a gift for someone else can be a little tricky, you need to put them in the spotlight. Think through what looks they love to wear and choose a style that adds to that look. Perhaps you are entirely clueless about it. But relax!! That is what Statement Aura's experts are here for, to suggest the perfect gift, and help you decide whether it fits your loved one's style or not.  

Perhaps you haven't heard before of us. Statement Aura is a jewelry store that specializes in statement earrings: those bold earrings that catch everyone's attention for all the right reasons. But we also have other jewelry, especially for holidays we launch special collections. So if you are looking for a Christmas gift you are in luck, for Black Friday we have special discounts. Just take into account our delivery times are from 2 to 4 weeks depending on your country. So if you want to get your gifts on time you need to plan ahead. 

So how to know if our collection suits her style? Answer YES or NO to the next statements: 

--She loves ZARA's fashion style. 

-She likes wearing bold outfits. 

-She likes combining neutral colors and adding colorful jewelry pieces. 

-She likes playing with printed pieces and experimenting with accessories.

-Creating outfits is fun for her. 

If you answer YES! to the first question, then this collection is DEFINITELY for her. If you answer yes to the other questions, then this collection is most likely for her. 



Our Holidays Special Collection is inspired by Zara's Fashion Style but: how would you describe Zara's jewelry? 

Zara's jewelry has many eye-catching elements with a contemporary and cutting-edge style. For those who are not very familiarized with the brand might look a little bit dramatic. But it is exactly that edgy and stylish vibe that many of us adore. Zara's jewelry might be expensive-looking, but it is completely affordable since most pieces are around 25 USD. Elegant and charming our jewelry can perfectly match a casual look and elevate a dressy outfit. 

Where can I buy Zara's jewelry? 

You can buy at their site the most recent collection jewelry, but if you want to buy some of the classic models you won't be able to find them on their site (there is a reason they call it 'Fast Fashion'). That is where Statement Aura comes in. We gather some of the favorite models that can only be found in Zara's outlets, so you can find classic models with an outlet price. Other pieces of our collection are not from Zara, but they are inspired by this edgy and stylish vibe.   Additionally on special occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can find special sales.


Just Give Me The Damn List Already...

Ok! now that you now your partner in crime well enough you can know for sure that our collection fits her style. Here are our 15 suggestions for the girlfriend gift ideas: 

Gift idea #1 Good wishes bracelet. 

If you are not sure whether statement earrings are the best fit for your loved one. Perhaps this curious bracelet. It has a good wish for every charm:
-A purple love for understanding love.
-Pink stone for friendship.
-A blue spark for spontaneity.
-Golden heart for optimism.
-A green drop for connection.
-Green charm for growth.
-Amber element for good vibes.
-A wishing star for new dreams.
-A red heart for love.

Buy Bracelet here



Gift Idea #2. Black Poker Bracelet 

This bracelet is the perfect addition to black outfits. Everybody loves wearing black outfits once in a while (or always) it's a bold and wise choice. 

Buy Bracelet here

Gift Idea #3.Statement Pearls 

You can never go wrong with pearls. These gorgeous pearls are the best accessory to put anybody in "Holiday mode". 

Buy Earrings  Here

If you still don't believe me, just check this out: 



Buy pearls here

Gift Idea #3. Iris Long Necklace. 

Seven songs on seven seas, just to bring all your sweet love home to me.   This lovely necklace goes with everything. 

buy necklace here. 

Gift Idea #4. Hearth Necklace. 

This piece bold necklace is perfect to wear with dark outfits. The golden brings out the necklace while the black color blends in. 

Buy Necklace Here

If you liked the previous necklace, perhaps you will like this one: 

red hearth statement necklace.

Buy Necklace Here

Gift idea #5. Heart necklaces set. 

This lovely set can be worn together since they have different lengths, for those who love layering. Also can be worn separately, if you like to keep it simple. It's a cute choice. 

Buy Necklace Set Here

Gift idea #6 Transparent Statement Earrings.  

I like to call these earrings 'The Chameleon Earrings' since they see to go with everything. Every fabric, every printing. You can wear it with everything. 


Buy Necklace Here

Check this out: 

Gift idea #7 Colorful Necklace. 

This kind of necklace is perfect for block colors. It adds some color and fun to any outfit. 

mosaic necklace

Buy Necklace Here

Gift idea #8 Chunky Chain with coins necklace. 

Statement necklaces work well when the area beneath them isn't full of details. That's why it works so well with basic tops and black on black outfits! This necklace is the perfect example. 

Buy Necklace Here

Gift idea #8 Fire Hearth Necklace. 

The chemistry is crazy. Some clothes are just meant to be worn with this necklace. You'll see. 

Buy Necklace Here

Gift idea #9 Golden circle Statement Earrings

Offer big love and big earrings with no apology. These babies are the solution to any outfit crisis. You'll see. 


Buy Earrings Here

Gift idea #10 Layered Necklace. 

If you are not sure whether your significant other will love a statement piece, here is an alternative. If she doesn't love this one, I give up. 


Buy Necklace Here


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