15+ Cute Zara Summer Outfits to Wear Right Now (to get as much out of special prices)

We are finally free! We spent more than a month in lockdown. Many of us got were able to enjoy some peaceful time to reconnect with ourselves,  our families, and doing things we don’t usually do. Some of us even feel more ‘Zen’ since yoga and meditation were in-door activities recommended to keep our sanity during these times.  

But that is behind us, the outfits are not going show off alone. The ‘pillow-outfit’ is so last season, and now it is time to wear some real outfits and shine like you always do. And I’m quite sure that you don’t want to feel like you missed anything. That includes those Zara outfits that many of the influencers are wearing, and that would look so lovely in you.

At the same time, you love especial prices (a.k.a. discounts) there is just something about them.  The rush of finding that special piece that is exactly your size that has been overlooked and left unnoticed, even when it is such a majestic garment. But you know that it takes a special optic and creativity to imagine a simple dress being worn with that bold belt, those strappy sandals, and your favorite statement earrings.

Well it takes a special talent picturing simple clothing pieces be worn in elaborated outfits, but it also takes practice and inspiration. That is why our favorite task is bringing to you those pieces being worn in outfits. Because context is what gives your clothing the magic.

And before you get mad at us, remember: special prices are not always available at all the sizes, or for a long time.  You could subscribe to our newsletter to be updated with our blog posts to avoid reading our posts when it is too late. Most of them have not an urgent nature, they are just inspirational outfits. But you don’t want to miss anything, especially if you want to know about new trends.

So getting back to our Zara summer outfits, what do we expect to find?  Some blazers that can be worn all year long, perfect to elevate any outfit and turn any outfit into a work-appropriate outfit. Some jeans ready to create cool street outfits. Also some typical summer pieces: florals and bright colors. But the most distinctive are the white pieces, meant to be the center of attention, perfect to glow in the summer.

Even if you read this post too late and they are no longer available, just take a look at the outfits. It is always a good time to feel inspired to make your own creations.   I’m sure that you have similar pieces and you will be able to create some cute outfits of your own.

We have some jewelry pieces suggested with these outfits, perfect for the summer. As usual just relax and let yourself be inspired. Summer outfits are all about enjoying the warm weather while freshly shinning along with your statement earrings

Zara Summer Outfits: Floral Prints. 

Nothing says 'Summer' more than printed florals, you must have at least one floral top in your wardrobe. 

Reference number:  SKY BLUE - 3067/030

Reference number:  018 - 7969/024

Zara Summer Outfits: Bright Colors

Bright colors are a most-have in your summer wardrobe. We loved this sea green collar shirt. 

Reference number:  SEA GREEN - 6929/001

Zara Summer Outfits: Blazer

A blazer is a fundamental piece to create a professional work outfit. It can be worn with dressy pants, jeans or as a dress (that's right! As a Dress. Check out our post to get some ideas)

Reference number:  BLACK - 2753/131

Zara Summer Outfits: Rustic crop top

A rustic crop top can be used under a nice vest or some high-waisted pants, without looking tacky at all.  

Reference number:  BLACK - 6416/001

Zara Summer Outfits: Baggy Jeans

There is a little bit of art on wearing baggy jeans. Maybe that's why I like them so much. Some high heels and a blazer will make them look so classy.

Reference number:  MID-BLUE - 6751/021

Zara Summer Outfits: Knotted Rustic Top

Sometimes it feels like there's a limit on wearing white tops, but then you see a white top like this...

Reference number:  ECRU - 2629/063

Reference number:  ECRU - 2629/063

Zara Summer Outfits: Pleated skirt

A pleated skirt can be a very versatile piece. Depending on how you accessorize.

Reference number:  MAUVE - 8372/043

Zara Summer Outfits: Organza Blouse

A blouse that goes practically with every other color. A dream come true. It also is perfect summer and as a transitional blouse

Reference number:  WHITE - 2025/537

Zara Summer Outfits: Ruffled dress

This lovely dress is fresh and simply perfect for summer.

Reference number:  WHITE - 0881/100

Zara Summer Outfits: Voluminous Pleated dress

And our winning piece for the summer!... Drumroll, please: This cute white minidress that apparently goes with everything:

 It can go with our without a belt (swipe up to see both options)

With cowboy boots and a bun  

With tall boots for a more polished look.  

If you feel like it, I don't see why not: barefoot. Create iconic summer photography.

With strappy sandals.

And finally, with sneakers, for a more comfy outfit.


Reference number:  WHITE - 0881/138

Now you have a few new ideas to create your outfits. Go out to the world and shine! Shine! Shine!  

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  • I love Zara’s clothes but, if you’re not
    Tiny there’s really nothing you can buy! There’s so many crop tops which is great for some but not a lot


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