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Amazingly Simple Holiday Makeup DIY with Blue Eyeshadows and Statement Earrings.


THAT time of the year is here and you were so busy picking the perfect present for your loved ones, placing the Christmas decoration, and picking the perfect outfit for the holidays that you forgot a little thing: the makeup.

So the most logical answer is going through Pinterest to get some makeup ideas, but they all seem to be made for professional makeup artists and you are far from being one. You want something simpler and actually doable but at the same time that it will look gorgeous with that special outfit that you have carefully chosen and with those statement earrings that will make you look so shiny.

That’s why we found for you the perfect and easiest makeup routine, perfect for the holidays and New Year's Eve and we broke it down in some simple steps:

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Always apply to a well moisturized and prepped skin the foundation (in this case was used the Studio Fix Fluid from Mac) Apply product to the center of the face first (or where you want more coverage) then use the brush to blend to the outer regions of your face.  


For the eyeshadows, we use the Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette from Hudda Beauty. In order to achieve that astonishing look first:

-Build your base with the ULTRAVIOLET color.

-Pick-up the NEBULA metallic shades using a brush in small circular motions and apply on your lids for a metallic finish.

- Build an extra layer with the COSMIC color using your fingers or a sponge brush for an extreme foil effect

This is just a suggestion, you can try some other combinations following a pattern: first a matte base, then a metallic finish, and finally a lighter color to blend in with the rest of your face.


Hold down your bottom lid and using short, swift strokes (or one long stroke, it's up to you), draw a line along your bottom rim with the COUTURE KAJAL EYE PENCIL. For the top rim, hold up your lid with your fingers and draw in the line with the BLACK Waterproof Clarin Liner.


Start at the outer end, creating somewhat of a blueprint. Draw a diagonal line from the corner of your eye about halfway up toward the end of your eyebrow. Then draw along the lash line, let the pen fluidly move along the curve of your eyeball. This way the liner will with the shape of your eye. Now color the shape you have created. There's really nothing more classic than a winged eyeliner look, commonly referred to as the cat-eye. The eyeliner was from @3inaspain.



Apply powder makeup to minimize shine (in this case we use Diorskin Forever Extreme Control), then apply the blush with a brush(in this case Faux Sure blush from Mac), then some illuminating powder ( such as Loose illuminating powder from Kylecosmetics). The illuminating powder makes your face not only bright but also more glamorous. Finally the lip-gloss (also from Kylecosmetics).


This gorgeous makeup with metallic pigments will look lovely with some sequins outfit or a metallic outfit, if you need some shiny outfit ideas you can check out our blog entry: ______. In this case, the dress is from Zara, and it feels just RIGHT for the season. We definitely adore it.





The outfit wouldn’t be complete without some statement earrings from Statement Aura. Remember that holidays and New Year’s Eve is the best opportunity in the year to shine. So don’t be afraid to be yourself.

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