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15+ Fun Beach Photo Ideas You Must Take | Bikini Cute Beach Outfits

Summer is here! And I am pretty sure that what everybody needs right now is a good dose of Vitamin Sea, some sunshine, and our favorite beverages.  Simply embracing a beach life:  letting go of the urban stress, breathing deep of the salt air, riding your bike to the grocery store, feeling the sand between your toes.

It has been crazy times, but I think it has helped us to feel more connected and more present. To pause for sunsets and say hello to everyone. Enjoy the little things like puppies in the park, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens.

We should save some of that vibe before we run back to 'the everyday life', where there is barely time to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy a soft breeze and listen to the birds.

Before we come back to the busy life, there should be some time to enjoy the best things in life, and that must include the first beach day of the season, the scent of the water, and the sound of the sea. Because nothing soothes a soul like a walk on the beach.

It is time to prepare!  Every trip to the beach should be sacred, and should evidently be remembered with a memorable photograph, so every time you look at it you can feel like you are almost there.

So, we have some photo-shoot ideas and some swimsuit outfit ideas, along with some cute earrings to wear. There are some earrings that are meant to be worn by the kind of girl who enjoys looking gorgeous while reading a book and drinking margaritas.  If you feel like wearing smashing earrings with that gorgeous new bikini, just do it!

On the other hand, if you are the kind of girl who loves skate to the beach and then surf, and if you think the ocean is going to be very rough on you, we don’t recommend wearing earrings. But when you are done surfing there is not a law that forbids you to put on your earrings and look great for your photos.

So here are some ideas to get great photos that will make memories for a lifetime.

  1. Don’t make it about you, make it about the fruits.

You are cute and you can’t help it, we get it. But sometimes to create a memorable photo you should make it about the fruits. I don’t know why, but fruits look so much better at the beach than in your kitchen. So you could try one of these ideas:

  1. Flowers are here for you.

Flowers are perfect to bring out your inner Nymph, so you can look strong and sturdy, full of life and joyousness, full of health, and vitality

You can have the traditional photo with a big and colorful flower on your hair, as a crown, or even something more fun that simulates a skirt or even your eyes.

  1. Wear shells when in doubt.

A fun effect you can try is wearing a shell. I don’t mean literally, just creating the effect by holding the shell near the camera (or cellphone). It will look fun and original.

  1. Eat, surf, sleep, repeat.

Some of the best photos are taken next to a surfboard. You don’t need to be a complete expert to have a nice-looking shot next to a surfboard, or even to have some fun while trying to surf.

Surfing is not so easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun trying it. Just make sure somebody is looking after you, this is something that needs to be done under supervision.

  1. Hair up, Sunnies on, World Off.

Sunglasses help protect your eyes from any ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light can have harmful effects on the eyelid, cornea, lens, and retina. We take safety very seriously.

But besides the helpful features, sunnies are kind of edgy and look great on summer photos. Don’t miss the chance to take a nice shot with your sunnies on.

  1. Food tastes better by the sea

The trick with the shells can be done with pretty much anything: chips, croissants, and rubber ducks. If you are not going to eat all your food at least it should have some use.

So after taking a few pictures with your menu, you should try other fun options.

  1. Friends don’t let friends wear average swimsuits.

Going to the beach is better when you are with friends. They are fun, loyal, and will never let you wear an average swimsuit. You should at least have one photo with your bestie.


We hope you liked these ideas to take a memorable photo. If you liked it, please SHARE!

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