The Chunky Chain is the Next Fall Trend To Wear [15+ fall outfits to wear]

Who needs minimalism, when you can have chunky, flashy, maximalist chunky chain gold necklaces?  Well, maybe I am going too far. But I am sure you have noticed your Instagram feed been taken over with golden chain necklaces have been increasingly chunkier.

Light, delicate thin chains are still there but they are stack along some chunky chains.

With the return of 80’s and 90’s trends, chunky chains came back too. But somehow it feels different. It is true that some of them are worn with hip-hop and grunge outfit styles. But they also are worn with dressy and delicate outfits with a mixture of non-binary vibes.

Also, they are present in many dressy, work-appropriate outfits worthy of managerial jobs. They seem like something that can be found in galleries of small towns where the rich spend their weekends and don’t think twice about dropping hundreds of dollars for something cute to wear to work.

We gathered a collection of fall outfits that have to succeed in wearing chunky necklaces that go from being a complete '90’s cliché' to many innovative street outfits, and finally, some work outfits that have all the glamour one would expect.

So here are 8 kind of outfits to wear your chunky chain necklace

Outfit #1: With a cropped top,  the ’90s way.


Probably one of our favorite borrowed-from the-'90s trends is the cropped top. Looks chic, edgy and goes well with many styles. There is no reason not to try it. Whether is a soft tee, or a spaghetti-strapped bralette, cropped pieces are perfect for summer outfits. But wait! Isn’t this a fall post? You are absolutely right! There is no reason to keep away all your cropped tops just because summer is over. you can use our favorite trick: layering.

A blazer is perfect to dress up any outfit. Place your chunky necklace on top to keep the 80’s vibe. Vintage street style is so cool.

Don’t feel like dressing up your outfit with a blazer? How about a leather jacket? It will still take you back to the ’90s

If you don’t feel like showing off your belly, that’s OK! A regular top with some jeans jacket will create a perfect vintage outfit.

Outfit #2: With a Hoodie/ Sweatshirt.  Everything old is new again. 

Even Kim Kardashian has tried this style. Perhaps it feels too retro for you, but the good things always come back. Don’t miss the chance to wear an iconic hoodie with a chunky chain straight out of the '90s.

A colorful sweatshirt will feel just ‘right ‘ with a chunky chain.

How about wearing a hoddie with several layers of chunky chain gold necklaces.

Outfit #3:Leather Jacket Outfit.


Leather Jacket can be such a versatile piece. It’s a good idea to travel with them: wear them with sneakers during the day, and all-black ensemble with heels at night.

Leather Jacket easily allows you to create fashionable outfits with basic pieces: ripped jeans, a basic tee, heeled sandals, and your chunky chains as an accessory, and you will have an edgy outfit.


Outfit #4: With a Little Black Dress (LBD), create your transitional outfits. 


That LBD (Little Black Dress) that can be worn all year round can come out of your closet (once again). You just need a few tricks to make it perfect for the fall.

Combat boots and your houndstooth coat make the perfect combination to create a fall outfit. Your chunky chain goes perfectly with the rough but stylish vibe of the outfit.

Also, flowy dresses that invaded the summer scene are good to create a fall outfit. Just add some booties and a leather jacket, and you will create a perfect transitional outfit. Golden Chunky Chains go perfect with these outfits.

Outfit #5:  With a Chunky Knitted  Sweaters, the Fashionable Way. 


Life feels better ever since the experts stated that chunky sweaters are fashionable. Now our sweetest and coziest, cold-weather crush can be with at all times and still have a vibrant outfit.

Match your chunky knitted sweater with some leather leggings, some combat boots, and, of course, a chunky chain necklace.

Also, you can match your knitted sweater with a leather skirt and achieve the same effect. Don’t forget to accessorize with a chain.


Outfit #6: With a light Sweater


Layering a shirt under a sweater is a matter of personal preference, but you can choose to wear only a light sweater.

Wearing only a light sweater gives you the option to wear a super cute bralette underneath that doesn’t look too revealing but you still notice that is underneath.  This helps you feel kinda sexy even in a season when everything seems to be hidden under layers of clothing.

Just make sure not to use itchy fabrics such as wool.


Outfit #7: With a camel / beige trench coat, a fall must-have.


This color is a fall must-have because can be easily combined with the other colors on the fall palette.

Even if you are wearing a jeans outfit with a basic tee, you can dress it up with a trench coat and some chunky chains.

Wearing a black outfit feels may feel too cold. Light your outfit with your trench coat and it will feel like a whole new outfit. Chunky necklaces tend to shine in with this kind of outfits.


Outfit #8:With a work outfit, Diane Lochart's Way. 


If you have the impression that chunky chains are for just for rappers, then you are utterly mistaken. The [not so] new trends place statement chain necklaces in the working scenes. 

One of my favorite working outfits were the ones from Diane Lockhart in the good wife. She was not only an intelligent and confident lawyer but also sophisticated a glamorous woman that wore the flashiest, chunkiest, most amazing statement necklaces. Ever since wearing this kind of necklaces at work feels like something that powerful and glamorous women do.


Wear with a solid silk blouse a chunky chain to catch some attention in a professional way.

Or to add interesting detail to an otherwise boring black sweater. You will watch how your clothing pieces transform.



So.. Ready to wear some chunky chain necklaces?  I'm sure that with these outfit ideas you are more than ready to rock the outfit. Please share if you loved it! 


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