15+ Chic Fall Outfits For Work Perfect to Stand Out [Business Casual]

Dress like the person you want to be.  Just imagine it for a second. You walk into your office, a Starbucks coffee on one hand and an iconic bag on the other. You had a good night sleep, and you are having a good hair day, your make up is spotless and your outfit screams: I’m good at what I do, and I know it.

That is the way you should be feeling every time you walk into your office. Instead, you are often rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself: these boring clothes again! I hate office attires.

Well, let me tell you: life is too short to wear average outfits! I’m not saying that you should be running every weekend to buy new clothes, or that you should be spending a whole bunch of money on expensive brands.  All you need is add some inspiration to your daily outfits. You will notice that when you try new things, boredom and monotony disappears.

Let me tell you something:  People are not supposed to judge a book by the cover, and they probably are not judgmental about your clothes (as long as they are appropriate). But, what you wear definitely has an impact on how you feel, and on what you project.

When you love what you wear, people can tell. They know something is different about you, and probably they won’t even know what it is. They’ll just feel that there is something different about you and your work performance.  So believe me when I tell you that choosing a good work outfit is a professional decision.

So if you feel that you have been neglecting your work outfits, it is time to upgrade your look: professional but never boring.

If you are interested in work outfits, you can check out our summer posts: casual work outfits and work outfits with neutral colors. And our fall post: creating a fall work wardrobe.

We chose the business casual code because it is more relaxed and it gives us more freedom to create new edgy outfits. Please always make sure to be up to date with your company dressing code, so you don’t make any violation. Dressing codes are different between companies and what it can be allowed in one can be frown upon in others.

Remember that jewelry will always add interesting detail to your outfits. You will see that with the right statement jewelry your outfit can draw the attention for all the right reasons.

Here are some tips to create HR-approved outfits that will help you to upgrade your look (remember our goal: professional but never boring)

Trust in your two-toned slingbacks

Despite the fact that the iconic two-toned Chanel pumps were designed 60 years ago, they're still one of the most coveted pair of shoes. Nowadays, many brands have their own version, and guess what?  They are still trending. So if you own one of those just trust them, they are so easy to match, they look classy and stylish, and most of them are very comfortable. Use them with cropped pants or roll up your pants.



Plaid Blazers are the new old staple.

One of the vintage staples that we are loving is the plaid blazer. It is so chic and fall-y (don’t you love that word?). It can dress up any outfit, make it look edgy while still professional.

Plaid blazers are a good option when choosing your work outfits. Faux leather pants and some booties create a cute outfit. Just make sure to wear fitted pants to balance proportions.


Add a Pop of color.

While we are supporters of using the fall color palette to simplify your choices, that doesn’t mean that you cannot create some interesting outfits adding a pop of color. A jeans outfit with a black shirt will look lovely with a yellow blazer, is unexpected yet stylish.


How about a black skirt with a white shirt and a gray blazer. Sounds boring? Add some yellow shoes. You will see your outfit come to life. (Note: to make the next outfit HR-proof I would use a slightly longer skirt, just to be safe)


Slouchy jeans can be Work-Appropriate

Slouchy Jeans have been trending since last year, and we have seen a lot of outfits in our street style for summer and fall street style

I bet you probably thought that they were not work-appropriate. Well, they are! As long as the rest of the outfit looks polished. You can style them with some stilettos and a houndstooth blazer creating a professional outfit.

You can match them with some strappy sandals and a light trench coat creating a professional transitional outfit.


Take a chance with some distressed jeans.

Distressed jeans are almost on the limit line between casual professional outfits and plain casual. Many companies have a policy of no ripped jeans. So you need to be careful when styling them.

You could wear some skinny jeans, slightly cropped (7/8 length) that are frayed slightly at the bottom on a casual Friday, dressed up with a blazer/cropped jacket and heels to make it work.

The rest of the outfit needs to look dressy so you can pull off the outfit. Dare to be bold! After all, Life is a risk!


Use a belt over a blazer.

Most of the trending blazers are oversized, big, and boxy fits that are not always flattering. You can find a new refreshing and flattering way to wear your blazer: wear a belt over it. It gives a new intention to your old blazer making your outfit not only professional but edgy too.



Wear Mules to work.

Mules are becoming staples in the summer wardrobe, but you can still wear them in fall. They can be a perfect addition to create transitional outfits. They are almost as fresh as sandals, and even if sandals are not part of the work dressing code, you can get away with it by choosing mules, or even better: dressier mules.

Create a casual work transition outfit by adding black skinny pants and a blazer

You can choose to wear cropped pants with a dressy sweater.


You could also wear your mules with a ballon-sleeved shirt, and a chunky chain necklace. This outfit can be a little more relaxed but it is cute and simple. 


On Casual Friday, we wear Sneakers.

Wearing sneakers is not always allowed. But, in more relaxed work environments will be common, especially in Casual Fridays. Don’t waste a good opportunity to wear your sneakers in a professional yet stylish outfit. You can feel comfortable and simply focus on your job.


Now there is no excuse for you to show up at work wearing the same old boring outfit. If you loved our outfits please SHARE!  

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