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Fall fashion must-haves: fall fashion trends to wear with your statement earrings.


Autumn is definitely my favorite season! I get so excited because I get to combine two of my absolute favorite things - cozy things and Fall fashion! There are so many things to do to add Hygge to your fall season: drink hot chocolate and have a movie night, crochet a blanket or a scarf, have a bonfire, snuggle up and read a new book. But also you have a new opportunity to wear your favorite sweaters, your fuzzy boots, your comfy scarfs and looking gorgeous while jumping in a pile of leaves.

You need to accept it. You have some emotional attachment to those cozy pieces that were waiting for you in your closet for a whole year, longing to be worn. Now you just need to add some new pieces that will add some edge to favorite comfy pieces, Statement Aura’s experts have rounded up the top must-have fashion trends for fall:

Fall fashion must-have #1. Teddy Bear Jacket 

Teddy bear jackets are so great because they let you be simultaneously cozy, mobile, and all-around living your life. It is the perfect soft and shaggy jacket that you can bundle yourself in like a cute lil' cinnamon bun, and still look fabulous.  You can combine them with a satin camisole top to create the best fall-transition outfit with a hat and crystal statement earrings (buy here).

Also, create a contrasting sensation with an all-black outfit with a light-colored teddy bear jacket and of course some golden statement earrings (buy here).

Fall fashion must-have #2. Combat Boots

Combat boots have been on everyone’s lips for a few years now, and we doubt they will ever go out of style. And why should they, when they are so cool and comfy, ready to create jaw-dropping everyday looks. Combat boots are great because, when worn with a feminine outfit, they look edgy yet subtly glam-rock. They are the kind of ultra-versatile shoes that will keep you warm while at the same time helping you look like a futuristic warrior (maybe not that much!). If you have some maxi-skirts left from summer season that you would like to hold onto for a little longer, match them with some combat boots, balloon sleeve sweater (Fall fashion must-have #9), and of course to keep up with the glam-rock vibe: some flashing statement earrings (buy here).

Fall fashion must-have #3. Over-the-knee boots 

Maybe the glam-rock style is not for you. Perhaps you prefer an outfit with an elegant spark, and you are the kind of woman who prefers a challenge. Over-the-knee boots have always been considered the most challenging boot style to wear: only for the boldest. A pair of suede thigh-high boots are always very classy, accentuate the leg shape in an adorable beauty. With these boots, you have your leg embodied in classy elegant footwear, with a unique a stylish appearance.

If you are doubtful about using over-the-knee boots because you are too petite, discard every fashion myth you must have heard. Over-the-knee boots fit girls with small stature. It’s a good idea to always opt for heeled thigh-high boots and avoid flat ones, which will highlight your short height. Don’t choose skirts that are long to the extent that they hide your boots. This will make you look even shorter. The picture below is a good example. Please notice that the bottom of the dress leaves a small space for the legs which makes them look longer. Complete the boldness of your outfit with some dashing statement earrings (buy here)  


You can wear them with a long knit sweater over a short skirt or tight pants and then match the color brilliantly with the color of your boots. If you want to make more autumnally choose some over-the-knee boots with snakeskin print (fall fashion must-have #5). Look at the picture below how lovely the combination is. The orange knit sweater matches perfectly the snakeskin print and the statement earrings (buy here) are the perfect final touch.

Fall fashion must-have #4. Cowboy boots. 

The designers really went above and beyond this year, crafting unique takes on cowboy boots for women. No matter where your tastes lie, you will find some incredibly fashionable cowboy boots that you can work into your look.  No matter which type you choose, here are some suggestions to rock your boots with your statement earrings.

Cowboy boots tend to stand out, and should always be the focal point of your outfit. For a casual look pair them with cropped jeans. The easiest way is to wear team with a pair of straight-leg or skinny jeans, with muted solids or a monochrome look.  And why not? The Teddy bear jacket (fall fashion must-have #1) matching your cowboy boots will look flawless along with your crystal statement earrings (buy here)

If you are looking for some transition outfits you can wear your boots with some leather skirt, and a pullover. Also, a hat will complete the fall vibe, along with some shiny statement earrings (buy here).

If you’d like to avoid any hint of rodeo references, we suggest a two-piece outfit. Not only maxi dresses but also midi dresses, complement cowboy boots perfectly. A hat and some edgy statement earrings (buy here) will create the perfect fall outfit

Fall fashion must-have #5. Animal print pieces. 

Rocking animal prints is the sign of a true fashionista because you’re effectively toeing the line between dangerous and tacky. Managing to stay on the right side of animal print fashion is a mark of true sophistication. Though leopard spots emerged as an early favorite, there's another bold pattern that's looming large this season: snakeskin. It doesn't matter whether you choose leopard print or snakeskin print the challenge is just as big and, when succeed, the sophistication achieved will be undeniable.

Remember that pieces that tend to stand out, need to be the focal point of your outfit. In this case, let your snakeskin-print stand out and match them with some crystal statement earrings (buy here).

If you are not ready to jump into the deep wearing animal print, you can begin by wearing some accessories with a monochrome look. To achieve the monochrome look a good option is a blazer dress, which also is trending this year. With a neutral outfit and the animal-print belt is safe to add, as a wow element, some cowboy boots (fall fashion must-have #4) and the matching statement earrings (buy here)

Fall fashion must-have #6. Oversized button-up shirt. 

The days where you only got to wear oversized button-ups as an improvised outfit or just for relaxation are over. Now wearing them is fashionable and shows the perfect equilibrium between sloppiness and style. You can make it fun and casual by wearing a button-up shirt with a loose best, sneakers and a blazer on the top. The earrings (buy here)  in this outfit truly make a statement:

If you are looking for an idea of how to wear your bralette with your statement earrings (buy here)  so it looks adorable here is an idea:

You can try loosely tucking the tee from the front into a pair of shorts or skinny jeans. You can even roll-up the sleeves and you are all set to go.   

Fall fashion must-have #7. Slouchy pants. 

In case you haven’t noticed slouchy pants are back (do you live under a rock or what?) They are definitely a must-have for this fall. They are comfortable and classy when worn correctly. To achieve the perfect look make sure you tuck your shirt into the pants. The right kind of shirt will help you to achieve a neat look. A good option for this fall are shirts with balloon sleeves (perhaps a variation of fall fashion must-have #9). The crystal statement earrings are a great choice for this outfit (buy here)

Fall fashion must-have #8. Leather skirt. 

Nothing says better: ‘fall is here’ than leather skirts. They are the perfect piece to transition between seasons.  Whether worn bare-legged or with tights, a leather mini is one of those indispensable pieces that can immediately turn an outfit around. Leather skirts have the power to instantly elevate a chunky knit sweater or plain turtleneck. The golden statement earrings (buy here) have the same effect. 

And since we have balloon-sleeve fever, our outfit wouldn’t be complete without a balloon-sleeved shirt and crystal statement earrings (buy here).

Fall fashion must-have #9. Balloon-sleeve sweater

I remember the good old days were the sleeves used to be puffed, instead of balloons. Just kidding. Balloon-sleeves are the best thing it’s happened since... soft yarn was invented (I guess) they are so comfy and warm. I love how they feel: not too hot, and not too cold. It is definitely a must-have for the cold season, and what better way to match than some statement earrings (buy here)

Fall fashion must-have #10. City Bag.

So you might be wondering: What do you mean by ‘city bag’? Well, we just took borrowed the term that Zara catalog uses to refer to those cute little bags. Apparently, everyone in Paris is wearing leather separates, layered neutrals, and mini bags, but then we decided it's better to show than tell... (you can get the earrings here)

Probably you are also a "small-bag girl at heart", so here are some suggestions to match your cute little bag with some statement earrings. (Buy here)

Fall fashion must-have #11. Vintage Blazer 

What year is it, again? It may be hard to tell because a quick glance at the outfits of celebrities, street style icons, and store mannequins might make you feel like you've just stepped into a time capsule. While trends come and go, there's something especially nostalgic about this season's biggest styles, especially oversized, plaid blazers are going to be everywhere this fall. You can pair your oversized blazers with simple pieces, like t-shirts. You can wear it to work or on the weekend. You won't feel overly trendy or like you're trying too hard. Here are some suggestions to wear them with your statement earrings (buy here and here)

Fall fashion must-have #12. Printed silk pieces. 

The perfect outfit starts with the perfect fabric, and printed silk has been such a big hit that is already on the next year’s fashion shows. But, take it slow, one season at the time. It is time to combine your silk pieces with style. Mixing prints and patterns can be intimidating.  No one wants to look foolish (or clownish), especially when wearing such beautiful pieces. Try choosing just one color from your printed garment, and use that color to choose the rest of your outfit. You can use this colorful statement earrings (buy here and here ) you’ll see that they go perfectly.

 fall must-haves

Fall must-haves

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