How to Create a Stylish Fall Outfit for Work [15+ Fall Work Outfits ]

While there is no final saying on ‘what to wear at work’ there are a few rules you should follow to create work-appropriate outfits that would make any HR department proud.  

I mean, you know your company better than we do, and you already have an idea of what is suitable and what is not. Our job is only to bring inspiration and stimulate some creativity so when you enter your office you can feel like life is your runway, but at the same time, you don’t draw attention for all the wrong reasons.

The dressing code is not the same for all job environments. Most startups are pointedly anti-corporate and are proud of a casual environment. They are mostly people who could have a corporate choice and choose not to. Then entering the room with a suit would be quite awkward. Then a jeans work outfit would be most desirable effortlessly paired with a blazer.  

On the other hand, imagine that you are applying for a Director level role with a 200k $ salary package, and your outfit has a worn-out t-shirt with a grayish color and no other pieces that can dress up your outfit. It would be completely inappropriate.

You need to learn how to blend in while gracefully shinning. After all, it´s you! You were not meant to pass unnoticed, but still, you need to follow the dressing code of your company.

Even when work outfits for summer can be very edgy, fall is the perfect season of the year to look stylish because it is cold enough so you can layer up your outfit creating a sophisticated vibe, but is not too cold that you feel the need to hide inside your clothes.  

You can also utilize a fall color palette, which is basically a derivation of the neutral color palette, without some blue colors (that go better with summer). This doesn’t mean you cannot wear other colors, we are just trying to make your life easier.

Fall color palette

Here are some tips that will help you create the perfect fall outfit for work:

1.   Keep it simple (choose solid pieces)

Choosing your wardrobe pieces shouldn’t be so difficult. Not every single piece of clothing needs to be trendy. Statement Pieces are the hearth and soul of a gorgeous outfit, but that does not mean that every piece in your closet has to be like that.

When building your fall wardrobe, make sure you have solid pieces that you can wear in a variety of scenarios. You want a wardrobe that will take you from work to out to dinner without having too many pieces that are only for one type of occasion. You’ll see that is easier to combine different basic pieces especially if they belong to a fall palette.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #1: Leather pants + booties + white shirt + beige coat.

If you look at each element separately there is nothing particularly flashy about them. When worn together it gives a stylish vibe. Perfect for a work outfit.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #2: Mini-skirt + booties + trench coat + tights + white shirt

A black mini-skirt is a versatile piece of clothing that can easily enter work territory. Of course, it would have to be worn with black tights.

2.   Choose simple color combinations

One good example is an all-black outfit with touches of beige/camel. This is a good option to combine neutrals. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to achieve a flawless outfit. Just a put on some black pieces, a little beige or camel here and there and you are all set. It looks very sophisticated and it is a good option instead of wearing that black suit that you’ve had enough from.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #3: All-black outfit + beige coat.

If you are going for simple color combinations, then deciding to invest in a camel/beige coat it is a good decision, especially if you like to have many black pieces. You can easily introduce into this elegant and minimalist outfit some statement jewelry, a lovely statement necklace would look perfect.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #4: Beige and black slingbacks + black outfit + beige coat.

Choose shoes that can be easily be combined like this black-and-beige slingbacks. They can easily be matched with most of your neutral fall outfits.

3.   Add to your Dress/ Skirt some High boots and an oversized Blazer.

Your dresses and skirts don’t need to be put away once the summer season is over. But don’t overcomplicate it, chose muted solids or simple prints that can blend in with other neutral pieces.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #5: Pencil skirt + oversized blazer + high boots.

A two-colored print with two tones of coffee can easily be combined with black pieces. It looks so stylish and elegant.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #6: White dress + oversized blazer + over the knee boots.

Match your white dress with a light gray blazer and over the knee boots. It would look so chic.

4.    Add animal prints to your fall outfit.

You can add animal print to the simplest fall outfit and make it so edgy and interesting.  You seriously can’t go wrong.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #7: Jeans+ Beige Coat + Scarf + Snake Skin boots.

There is nothing like some good snakeskin boots. They add interesting detail to your outfit.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #8: Khaki outfit + Brown Coat + Leopard Stilettos.

If you are not very brave in your fashion choices you may feel like wearing a leopard coat or a leopard dress may be too much for you. Instead, you could just wear one small piece in animal print (like leopard shoes) with your neutral outfit and still achieve a bold combination.

5.   Choose Prints within the fall color palette.

Floral and other bright prints are increasingly being worn in fall. But if you want to make your life easier having prints within the fall palette can take some weight out of your shoulders.

Buying fall pieces with flashy and bright colors is an easy way to find yourself with a closet full of clothing that you’ve never worn and probably never will. So try to stick with a fall color palette and you’ll see that life does not has to be so complicated.


FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #9: Sweater + Printed Skirt + Beige Stilettos + Beige Clutch

Pick a printed piece and build your outfit around it.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #10: Printed dress + Belt + Brown Coat + High-Tight Boots.

Many of the latest trends include flowy dresses.  Using a belt allows you to create a form-fitting outfit that will give a stylish and elegant vibe to your fall outfit.

6.   Your Heeled Sandals Are Still a Thing.

This summer we had a love affair with heeled sandals , and just because the weather is cooling, that doesn’t mean is time to put them away. There is a way to sneak them into our fall outfits.

Jeans work outfit is the answer. We love this kind of outfit. It is relaxed, and with the right accessories, you can make it look very stylish. The heeled sandals will keep the relaxed vibe and at the same time will look presentable. And of course, a blazer or a coat will be the perfect addition. Is a simple but stylish concept.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #11: Jeans + Gray Shirt + Beige coat + Beige Mules.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #12: Jeans + Coffee Shirt + Beige Blazer + Beige Mules

7.   Wearing Distressed Jeans to the Office.

Depending on your company dressing code, you may not be allowed to wear torn or damaged clothing (even if it’s fashionable). But if you think there is a window opportunity you need to be completely sure that you still look somewhat professional.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #13: Distressed jeans + Heeled Sandals + Camel Trench Coat

An elegant camel trench coat can easily help to dress up your outfit. It’s something you should try.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #14: Distressed jeans + Mules + Camel Blazer.

8.   Layer your Chunky Knits  

Normally, we choose chunky knits because they are cozy and comfortable. But they can be fashionable too.

Layer them with coats. It will be the perfect outfit, especially when the temperature starts to drop.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #15: Gray Sweater + Gray Coats + Over the Knee boots.

FALL OUTFIT FOR WORK #16: Black leather pants + Beige and black shoes + Pink Sweater + Pink Coat.

Pink works very well with the fall color palette. And it is also fun.

Now you have some ideas to create a stylish fall outfit, remember that the most important thing is being creative within your company rules. If you liked it, please SHARE!

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