Do you know that brave girl that is not afraid of trying out new outfits with huge bold earrings? That is the same girl that is going out to live a life worth living, a little scared to fight for her dreams but still doing something every day that takes her closer to her goals.

We want to be with you in the next part of your life, and what we wish for you, above all, is that you choose your path based on love, and not based on a fear disguised as practicality.   Because you know the best things in life are out there, outside of your comfort zone. Please don’t be so scared of what’s to come: you can ask the universe for it!

We know we always say this (but we usually talk about earrings): Please don't make a conservative choice. You know what they say:   ‘ You might fail doing what you don't like, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love’. So please begin the rest of your life with a burning ambition and the best attitude. 

After all, you are ahead of the game, you already know what you are, somewhere deep inside you can feel the greatness within. Be shinny and bold, be you. Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don't let anything get in the way of the light that shines through you. Risk being seen in all your glory. 

And what better occasion to shine than your graduation? Acknowledge every single struggle you had, because not everyone can achieve what you just did.  A flawless dress with some gorgeous statement earrings are a MUST. You deserve nothing less than that.

We gather some ideas so you can create the perfect graduation outfit. As usual, you can choose the one that goes more with your style (and with the dressing code).


Wearing a white dress is a tradition for some girls. White symbolizes new beginnings and the positivity that what is to come as we complete this milestone in life and enter the real world.


So white might be the logical option. You can opt to wear a white dress with fringes. Tassel dresses are sassy and kind of Hollywood-inspired.


If you want to make a scene with a fringe element this is the way to go. Some neutral statement earrings in crystal or white will complement the outfit flawlessly.



Mini dresses are available in such a vast variety of styles that it is super easy for every girl to find her ideal look. Make sure to find the right type for this occasion. High heels and a clutch will make look these outfit elegant and appropriate.





While many girls love using a white dress, you can also opt to wear something that matches your graduation robe (or toga). They are usually black with caps, sleeves, and hoods of almost every color imaginable. These different colors are used as symbols for the student's major or level of academic achievement. (about the colors

For example if your robe is black with golden details on it, you can use a black and yellow outfit. Pants and jumpsuits are allowed too. 


You can never go wrong with that LBD (Little black dress), and this is no exception. A timeless piece that is classy and sexy and you can wear shoes that match the color of your major.




It's the graduate's choice to pick clothes for under the gown. The academic dress code recommends that anything that can be seen outside of the graduation gown should be dark. So if you are going to wear any other color (including white) , we suggest a sophisticated dress with a straight cut and is nipped at the waistline that sits at the knee or just above. A cute detail below the waist, under the bust, at the hips or around the neck or shoulders can look very classy.





Some students use the top of their graduation caps to create decorative designs with  paint, glitter, and other art supplies to indicate their major, fraternity or sorority affiliation, school activities, or even just a simple "I did it!".

You can take advantage of this practice and match the color of your dress with the decoration on your cap.  It will look creative and always stylish. 



Black and white is one combination that can be underrated. It gives the notion to be colorless while keeping it bold and chic. This is one minimalistic combination that you should try. Remember that we recommend to keep the length of the dress around the knees.


Even if the dress is covered during the entire ceremony don’t forget about the photos at the end of the event. Those photos will for sure get to your Instagram and will be remembered forever. And that includes a photo with the robe on you your shoulders climbing on some stairs, and the one contemplating the landscape and acting like you don’t know that someone is taking a picture.  

Those photos are perfect to show off the back of your dress, you might as well choose a gorgeous dress with beautiful back details and don’t forget to match them with some bold earrings.



Now you have some ideas to choose the perfect dress for your graduation, and you also have some ideas for the earrings. We are sure that anything you choose will look lovely on you. If you liked this post please share.




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