5 Steps Tutorial For A Boho Braid Updo Wedding Hairstyle

A Boho wedding theme is about your connection with nature and with your loved one. It is not about fancy elements and worrying about whether your judgy aunts will think the theme is suitable. It is about your significant one and the pure love you share.

When you have a moment try this: sit on the grass in front of your loved one with your legs crossed, holding each other hands(Be patient because it may take a few moments).  Feel the energy flowing between you.

The purest and brightest of energies is flowing between you. A love that can’t be described and that goes beyond this life and anything that is material in this world.

That same energy flows from one to another and into the ground. Feel how you are connected to the earth and to every living creature. That energy that we choose the word ‘love’ but that goes beyond that. 

Every time you get your loved one to hold you, and you know that unique smell, or when you feel the sweet breeze in the mornings, the birds singing and the scent of the flowers. Those moments when you realize that you are blessed.  And it could be such a lovely thing to share that vibe with your family and friends.

That's why I love the boho vibe because it reminds us that the most important things are invisible to the eyes, such as the transcendental love you share, and all the beautiful things you are about to create and the endless experiences you are about to live. 

A nice option for a Boho wedding is a simple white dress that denotes the pure energy that flows between you and that generates such joy and pure happiness. Because the two are you are not perfect, but beyond those flaws and defects there are wonderful beings that give the best that they have.

Because you get to choose. Please choose to keep the best things about someone, and choose to be the best for somebody. Because every day is a new opportunity to shine, for you and for someone else.


If you choose to keep a bohemian style.  Besides an effortless white dress, you can wear a floral crown as they are becoming a bridal accessory trend. Floral crowns have recently gained popularity as an alternative to veils. And it has such lovely, natural, energetic touch that with the right decoration you can achieve an amazing result.



-If you are not wearing any other accessories (like floral elements on your hair), you definitely could wear some white statement earrings. 

But if you choose to wear hair details (like a floral crown in this case), depending on the crown,  you can choose your earrings. Remember that you don't want to overdo it: 

- Fresh and natural blooms go better with some crystal earrings with mid-length. That will keep the attention around your face.

-Hand-made crowns with an elaborated design go better with minimalistic earrings. You will want to keep the attention on the crown and the hair. The crown will make a statement while the earrings will silently but gracefully join to the ceremony.

You will cherish your wedding earrings so we have some sophisticated but subtle earring option for you.

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Keeping the bohemian vibe a simple braided hair updo along with the crown flower and the minimalistic dress. The final touch can be some clean earrings that flatter the bride but keep the spotless look.  In this case, since the crown is making a statement, we suggest very discrete and delicate earrings that keep a neat presence.


 wedding hairstyle tutorial

So, if you are looking for a different wedding approach to the traditional, now you have a good option. If you liked it, share it!. 

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