How To Wear Statement Earrings? | 15 Cute Outfits to Wear your Statement Earrings

Hi! Welcome to Statement Aura!  If you got here, you are probably curious about statement earrings. It’s no wonder, the ‘term statement earrings’ it's everywhere, so if you haven't heard it yet, you must be living under a rock.  

Do you know that feeling you get when you spend hours dressing up and suddenly you realize that there is something missing, some spark, some shine and glow? Well, you are not the only one.

The need for some bold pieces in your accessories has always been around and is precisely that feeling that makes statement pieces stay always in sight.  

What are statement earrings?

If I had to oversimplify it, I would say that statement earrings are bold, flashy earrings that draw the attention for ‘all the right reasons’.

The definition might be broader than that, it has to do a little with the context, and since a fashion statement can be defined as something original worn to make a bold statement about fashion knowledge or draw attention to oneself[1].  

Therefore a fashion statement has something to do with wearing pieces that go beyond the social traditions, adding a ‘wow factor’, and using something that will make turn heads. It is not only about going against the rules, it’s about bending a little the rules to create something new within an aesthetic framework.

Perhaps the more complete definition of statement earrings is: “Earring which invites favorable attention from others by demonstrating bold, original, and unique designs with innovative construction and material combinations.”[2]


How to wear statement earrings?

Statement earrings are not just attention-seeking, they are meant to be simply gorgeous.

If you are not careful you can look a little over-the-top wearing your statement earrings, therefore there are a few rules you should follow to look bold and still look stylish, but don’t worry, this is not rocket science, you’ll see:


      If you are going out and you want to look cute but you want to keep it simple try, this formula: statement earrings + cute but simple dress + high heels.

      This formula can't fail. If you try to accessorize too much you might overload your outfit and make it look too busy, instead try to keep clear the neck area.

      You can use that little charm necklace that brings you good luck and looks very discrete. If you are still having second thoughts, don’t wear a necklace at all.


    If you are wearing statement earrings, it is safe to use statement rings or some eye-catching bracelets, but again: don’t use both (at least one of them must be discrete). Otherwise, your hands may look too busy.


      If you are wearing a colorful outfit, don’t be afraid to add colorful statement earrings, just make sure to choose the right color palette that matches your outfit. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the colors.


      When wearing outfits with patterns, choose an element from the pattern and match your earrings with that element.

      Patterns also tend to look overloaded, so you might just want to stick to one color of the pattern. You can also choose to match your earrings with your belt and your purse.

      Or just to be safe: Wear metal statement earrings.


      If you are wearing neutral pieces on your outfit that match perfectly but feel a little boring, you can always pick lively colors for your earrings. Pick a bold contrast, after all, statement earrings are meant to be bold. For instance, if you are wearing an all-white outfit you can add a surprise element by wearing some big colorful earrings. You can never go wrong with this combination.

      On the other hand, if you are getting tired of your LBD(Little Black Dress), add some colorful statement earrings. Your outfit will feel completely renewed:


      You can choose whether to keep the casual vibe with non-metal statement earrings or give it a touch of glamour with metal statement earrings. Either way, go with your instinct in this one. After all, there is not a rule that you cannot be shinny enough.

      Elevate your sneakers outfit with some statement earrings.

      Jean pieces can look dressy too with the right accessories.

      Your Gucci bag says dressy, while your cozy sweater says: let's stay home!. But those leather boots and your statement earrings decided to show off your outfit.

      Crop top and a blazer can create an edgy holiday look. Rhinestone statement earrings will let everyone know that the festivity season has officially started.


      Once you had to make sure you have not over-accessorizing, ask yourself: How do I feel today? Do I feel like wearing big crystal earrings? Or, do I feel like wearing textured statement earrings? Perhaps some spectacular pearl earrings? Go with what your heart tells you. Never shrink yourself to make others comfortable. Just shine, shine, and shine!

Where to buy statement earrings (for a reasonable price)?

The best option to buy affordable statement earrings is Statement Aura (buy here). We have a wide variety of statement earrings. There is plenty to choose from.  The best of all, you can find them at affordable prices. Most of our earrings are under $20 USD.

Let me tell you our little SECRET… at Statement Aura, we are Zara’s fashion groupies. So we keep a very close watch to Zara’s trends and try to keep up with them. Very frequently we offer outfit ideas of how to team your statement earrings according to the new trends. We even have some of Zara’s Earrings Outlet right here (since Zara’s fashion is so fast, you will no longer find them in the online store). In case you are not an expert on statement earrings, we need to tell you something: Zara is a leader in setting new trends, especially in the statement earrings area (the one that matters the most to us). So if you want to guess what’s to come in earrings’ fashion (and in fashion in general), without having to experience every fashion show, and going through endless magazines and blogs, you could always check us out.

When to wear statement earrings?

If your first guess is as a Wedding guest, your guess is right, but not complete. If you surf through Instagram’s Fashion influencers list. You will probably find a common element: many influencers on the ‘wedding guest’ niche use these beautiful earrings. They team beautiful pencil dresses with ruffles and asymmetrical necklines with statement earrings. They are simply flawless.

But if you look further you will find influencers wearing them on all kinds of occasions: statement earrings with concert outfit, statement earrings with a beach outfit, statement earrings with a polka dots outfit, statement earrings with casual outfit; statement earrings are everywhere. Don’t be afraid to wear your statement earrings to every occasion. Remember: you don’t need a special occasion to shine!

In case you want to check out our list of recommended  influencers who love to use statement earrings, here it is: 

-Tania Ayuso. (IG profile

- Aretha Fusté (IG profile)

-Cristina Surdu  (IG profile)

-Basma_Bada (IG profile

-Maria Pintado (IG profile)

-a.b. Ellie (IG profile)  

-Julie Sariñana (IG profile

-Carolinelestang (IG profile

If you know any other influencer that should be on this list. Please leave a comment below. 

What types of earrings are there?

There are many types of earrings, and the line between them is often very narrow. So we will try to define them, but remember that in the land of earrings, not everything is black and white, there are 50 shades of grey in between.

Here is a picture that might help you to understand what type of earrings exist:

what type of earrings are there?

  • Stud Earring. A small piece of jewelry that is worn through a small hole in the earlobe. An example of a stud earring is a small diamond set in gold and worn in the earlobe.
  • Lever-back Earrings. A lever back is the enclosure of an earring. They are made for pierced ears. The back is often curved like a fish hook.
  • Latch Backs have a hinged backing, the post goes through a latch back earring has a fishhook of metal that slides through the ear and catches in a loop on the back of the earring.
  • Teardrop Earrings.   An earring shaped like a teardrop, usually they are made of crystal. They come in different sizes. They are bigger than stud earrings.
  • Tortoise Shell Earrings. Originally, tortoiseshell or tortoiseshell is a material produced from the shells of the larger species of tortoise and turtle, mainly the hawksbill sea turtle. But nowadays, tortoiseshell earrings are imitations and are usually made of acrylic resin. There are variations in other colors.
  • Drop Earrings. Drop earrings are those that “drop” just below the earlobe. Mostly, drop earrings are simple pieces with attachments like gemstones, beads, or charm dropping from the base of the earring.
  • Hoop Earrings. A hoop is a circle, and while hoop earrings have to open at some point in order for them to be placed on an ear, the idea of the circle is that it is infinite, like time.
  • Chandelier Earrings. “Chandelier” are much-elaborated drop earrings, and in certain cultures such as the Indian culture, are worn with traditional clothes. They are called chandelier earrings because they emulate the way light reflects off each little glass bead in a chandelier. Drop earrings offer a level of simplicity chandelier earrings just don't. They add glamour to an outfit.
  • Tassel Earrings. It is a drop earring, that is made of threads (or other materials such as silk, wool cotton, or raffia thread) that are often colored and light-weighted.   
  • Statement Earrings. As we said before, statement earrings are the kind of earrings that catch people’s attention for ‘all the right reasons’. Therefore, inside the category of statement earrings can be teardrop earrings, tortoiseshell earrings, hoop earrings, chandelier earrings, and tassel earrings. The conditions that must be met are that they must be bold, flashy, and should be worn with style.

We hope that now you don’t have any doubts about what statement earrings are. As you can see, statement earrings are not very easily defined and it has a lot to do with attitude and personality, so if you decide to give a try to some of our Statement Aura’s earrings remember: they must be worn wisely, they are meant to make you shine!


[1]‘The meaning of a fashion statement’


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