35 Outfits for Holiday Party and New Years Eve to Wear with your Statement Earrings.

It is that time of the year again: YEEEEEI!!!

During the Holidays, you get to do the best things of the year:

-drinking hot chocolate

- watching your favorite holiday movie

- making your own ornaments

- baking cookies

-taking photos in the snow

- taking a car tour of city's lights

- writing your letter to Santa (with your kids or nieces and nephews)

- wearing your best holiday outfits.  

Because let’s face it: Holidays are here, and it is the best opportunity to really show off your wardrobe. So don’t hold off and be as gorgeous and shiny as you want.

Pretty and Shinny.

A traditional winter wardrobe usually contains dark and/or neutral colors – black, gray, brown, navy, camel, cream and so on. If you feel limited by a conventional winter palette, there are lots of ways to work light colors in without looking seasonally inappropriate.

We have one word for you:  SEQUINS!!!!. Get ready, because this year you will get a good amount of two things: good wishes and sequins!. And don't worry about being too shinny, match some light colors outfits, sequins and statement earrings, you'll see that your outfit will be flawless.

Cozy and Comfy.

Don't you love the trend that mixes comfy with dressy pieces?? It is PERFECT for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve.

A comfy oversized sweater with some sequin details will look so edgy and classy and at the same time will feel so COZY.

Even if you choose to wear a sweater without sequins, you can wear it with some statement earrings to keep the classy vibe. 


Sequins Galore.

I absolutely LOVE sequins: they make everything more fun and festive. You can choose to wear a sequins sweater with regular jeans or some slouchy pants and they will look very classy.   

So let’s say you bought that beautiful sequins dress and you are not sure how to wear it for the holidays. Here are some tips:

-If the dress is too short and you are getting an uncomfortable feeling to show too much skin in a cold season you can wear it with some matching tights or some over-the-knee boots. That will definitely will give the outfit some festive, winterly vibes.

-If it has long sleeves it will look absolutely lovely with some high heels.

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Rock a Metallic Piece.

December is here, and you’ll most likely attend a few work events so opt for elegant but office-appropriate holiday outfits.

Metallic pieces are perfect for work events if you think that sequins are too much.

Remember that for a short dress you can use matching tights or over-the-knee boots. Add the finishing touches to your outfit with a pretty clutch.

That Wrap Dress. 

I don’t know what it is about wrapped dresses that look perfect for the holiday season, especially sequins dresses.

I’m all up for wearing wrap dresses with belts, just to feel that everything is in their right place, and also it is very form-fitting.


All black everything.

You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. For holidays, you can choose black pieces with sequins or pearls details, and also wear with matching accessories like rhinestone earrings and belts. You will have a sparkly outfit without overdoing it.


 Which was your favorite outfit??  We really would like to know.

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