15+ Cute Ways to Wear Combat Boots that You Must Try [Fall Transition Outfits]

There is no doubt that boots are a fall must-have, but you don’t have to wait until fall to start wearing them.  They are the perfect addition to your transitional outfits: They will toughen up any outfit, keeping a cool street style during summer and fall

Are combat boots in style?

Hell yeah! One might think that combat boots are exclusive of girls with a rough tomboy-like style, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Everybody is wearing them. Pairing them with styles that go from  punk-rock-vintage style to more girly with dresses and blazers, and even some unexpected sweatpants outfits.


So don’t resist to the military fever and try a few combat boots outfits. I assure you that you won’t regret it: not only they are weather-proof and practical, they are also so bold and energetic; only worthy of the fearless and the daring ones.


Here are some ideas of how to style your combat boots, some of them can be predictable but I’m sure that others will surprise you. The bold chunky jewelry is mandatory, you don’t want to kill the cool vibe. Just go with it.

We gathered a collection of outfits and we ordered from the most summerly to the most fall-y (Don’t you love those words?), so you can be ready for anything.  So here are the outfits with combat boots that you should be trying right now:

Outfit #1. Combat boots + Dress.


Wearing a dress with heels on a regular day? Boring! You better spice up your dress outfit with some combat boots. It looks girly while bringing something unorthodox to the table. You can wear a dress and a leather jacket or even a skirt and a sweatshirt (swipe up).


Take your LBD (little black dress) from summer into fall with some Combat Boots.


Outfit #2. Combat boots + denim shorts.


When you think of your denim shorts, you probably imagine them with your favorite sandals or sneakers. But you can turn your denim shorts into a transitional outfit by adding combat boots. Wear a chunky knitted sweater in the case that is chilly out there.


Also, layering a sweatshirt and a light trench coat is a simple way to create an edgy but stylish transitional outfit.


Outfit #3. Combat Boots + Oversized Shirt.


Wearing oversized graphic tees with biker shorts is a cool trick to create summer outfits. Add combat boots and a blazer for a completely renewed transitional and cute outfit.

Or you can repurpose your oversized shirt as a dress to create a flawless transitional outfit. The combat boots say fall while the ‘dress’ says: not quite there yet.


Outfit #4. Combat Boots + Graphic Tee + Jeans.


This punk-rock-vintage style is one of the predictable ones. I mean, who doesn’t have a pair of jeans a  graphic tee  in their wardrobe. Just roll your jeans like the 80’s, tuck your tee, and add a crossover bag and you’ll be good to go.


You could also tie a little knot for a cuter outfit.


Outfit #5. Combat boots + shoulder-padded shirt.


Now cotton shoulder padded shirts seem to be the new ‘edgy-classy-staple’ we have to figure out how the hell to wear them. So here is in idea: wear your denim boyfriend jeans + combat boots + shoulder padded shirt. It gives a put-together feeling while keeping the edgy vibe.


Alternatively, you could wear your shoulder-padded shirt with some faux leather leggings. Tuck the entire shirt or just the front part.  This outfit will exude such a badass biker vibe that you won’t believe.


Outfit #6. Combat boots + All-black outfit


Normally combat boots are black, so wearing an all-black outfit surely makes a statement. This is more of a fall-winter outfit. You can wear some faux-leather leggings with a faux-leather trench coat, you’ll be so excited to take out your fall-winter wardrobe.


Remember the graphic-tee from your favorite rock band you couldn’t wait to wear? This is it!! This is where you wear it! Match it with black jeans a and leather jacket, it looks so grunge-style. The sunnies are a plus.


Outfit #7.  Combat boots + Sweatshirt + Jeans


For the chilly days wear your combat boots with jeans and a sweatshirt; you will love how comfy, casual, and stylish that is.


Outfit #8.  Combat boots + Trench Coat


To this outfit, we shall call it: the ultimate contemporary military outfit. I’m sure you already know that as the combat boots, the military trench coat is a heritage of the military attire. So what better way to matching your combat boots than doing it with a nice classy trench coat


​Just because fall is coming doesn't mean you can't slay! Make this your fave season for styling. If you love our outfits please SHARE!

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