15+ Extremely Sexy and Chic Swimsuit Outfits | Sophisticated Swimwear Fashion.

Feeling the sand on our feet, the seawater floating on the air, and the sun on our skin. That’s everything we should think about when we are on the beach. Enjoying those instants that we now are precious and unique.

You should not be worrying whether your tummy shows a little, or your tights don’t look good. Because let’s face it, we have learned not to like ourselves just because body standards are too high.

You already know that that at Statement Aura, we are all about loving ourselves just the way we are. Because let’s face it, you are gorgeous and you know it. So in that spirit, enjoy the ocean with the total conviction that you are absolutely fabulous.

And with that in mind, we wanted to look for some sophisticated swimwear perfect to use your statement earrings, at least while zipping your margaritas and getting into the right mood before getting into the ocean.

Once you get into the water you can lose all the style and just enjoy the waves and the sand, it doesn’t matter if your hair is not the same, and your make up looks different. Remember: The world can live without your cuteness for a few moments.

The times were ‘the more revealing, the sexier the swimsuit was’ are over. Now adding some details to your swimwear will raise curiosity and interest. The new trends in sophisticated swimsuits include high-waisted bottoms, one-piece swimsuits, ruffle details, and even long-sleeved pieces.

As usual, we recommend you to choose the one that makes you feel comfortable. There is no point in going to the beach feeling anything less than fabulous.  Swimwear was meant to make you feel free to enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer you.

One last request. After lockdown, I don’t know if you noticed, but the skies were clearer and the beaches were cleaner. It was an opportunity for us to make conscience on the impact that we have on the Earth. Remember that we are guests in this beautiful place and you just need to do your part and reduce your use of single-use plastics: plastic bags, water bottles, straws, cups, utensils, dry cleaning bags, take-out containers, and any other plastic items that are used once and then discarded.  And even more important don’t take those with you on your trip to the beach and leave it there.


 Ok, after the ecological reminder let’s get back to swimsuits. Here are some sophisticated swimwear you could wear this summer:


Ruffles everywhere.

Ruffles are everywhere and swimsuits are not the exception. 

Ruffles add fabric, which means more volume. If you are big busted, you should stay away from ruffles. On the other hand, if you are small busted, wearing ruffles seems like a good idea. Besides they are very summery and fun.

One-piece swimsuit.

Why wearing a one-piece swimsuit?

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a bikini, especially if they are thinking of making some serious swimming. Professional swimming is probably the number one reason to use a one-piece swimsuit, it helps you swim better and faster.

But you don’t need to be a professional swimmer. Now a days one-piece swimsuit is very fashionable, and I don’t look like you are trying to hide anything anymore. Not to mention that it gives you some peace of mind since you won’t be worried about some sort of accident happening.

So, If you like it better, go for it!

Asymmetric Necklines.

If you think that wearing a traditional one-piece swimsuit will look boring, think again! Many of the latest swimsuits have asymmetric necklines, which look curious and kind of sexy, you should try this trend.


High waisted bikini bottoms.

Some prefer high-waisted bikini bottoms because they give you the freedom of two-piece swimsuits without showing more skin than you are comfortable with. Also, they give you a gorgeous hourglass figure. You will look fabulous while feeling comfortable with your bathing suit.



Tie Front Tops

Tie Front Tops are very popular this summer, and that element is now present in swimwear fashion. The tie knot detail on the front adds interest and makes it look fitted.


One-piece swimsuits with details

Adding some details such as zippers and different shapes will make your swimsuit look more interesting, while still feeling comfortable.


Low-back swimsuits are anything but boring.

Perhaps one-piece swimsuit feels too covered, and at the same time bikini feels too bare, a low-back swimsuit is subtly sexy but unquestionably chic


Deep V front

One-piece swimsuit with deep front look sexy and sweet at the same time. They can be actually very flattering.


Swimsuit with sleeves

Sleeved swimwear provides another layer of protection against harmful ultraviolet sun rays.  If you are planning to spend the day in the sun, without worrying about sunburns and excessive tanning this is a good option.

 We hope that now you get into the water with all the attitude, and only worry about sunburns. If you liked it share!

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