5 Reasons to Wear Mini-Hoops this Summer.

There are many reasons to wear mini-hoops. They are cute, fun, and kind of edgy; those should be reason enough.  They are very practical and won’t let your ears be naked and exposed. They will always be noticed, considering how discrete they are. The list could go on and on. 

They are the best option when you feel indecisive about what to wear and even when you rush out of your house to a last-minute brunch with your friends and don’t feel like looking smashing, but also don’t want to look messy.

Mini-hoops should be your way of saying: “I am sorry I’m so cute. I can’t help it I was born this way. I wake up this morning, and this is what happens.” And then you wear something cute and subtle and go on with your day.

Mini-hoops don’t need excuses to exist. They just do. Still, we made a list of why you should wear mini-hoops this summer, well, because we love them. We love mini-hoops almost as much as we love statement earrings. They are not enemies, they are just different, but they feel deep respect for each other.



Ok, subtitle can be a little bit misleading, but totally relatable to those who fall for their earrings.

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one. Every time I wear a pair of earrings I think if it will match my outfit, whether they are suitable for the occasion, and if they could potentially get lost. If that is a possibility, then sometimes I chose to wear mini-hoops (or some reasonably small hoops), that can hold on to my ears like a baby monkey would hold on to his mother (yep! I think of my earrings like little creatures)

That’s what I love about mini-hoops. You can forget for a minute about looking amazing, and just focus on enjoying your activities. After all, is not easy looking great at all time.

So you see if you are going to engage in an activity where you potentially could lose your earrings, wear mini-hoops. And it doesn’t have to be the most extreme activities like swimming with stingrays, or hiking through a tropical forest wilderness. It can be as simple as throwing an indoor picnic or having an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt. Because summer is a good time to do things you would not normally do.

So if you are going for a swim, it is a good idea to wear mini hoops. Also if you are going for a hike or any summer-related activity wear mini-hoops


Note: Phoebe hoops are not mini, but the do look so cute combined with other mini-hoops 


Summer tops are about showing some shoulders and some back in the most creative ways. The edgiest pieces achieve that without looking tacky at all. So if you have in your hands one of those pieces then you should just ‘let it be’.

I mean, sometimes your outfit needs some dressing up, and jewelry is the perfect way to do that. But sometimes it happens that you bought a lovely top that is perfect just the way it is. So some cute and discrete mini-hoops will achieve to create that neat look.

What kind of tops are we talking about? Well, some off-the-shoulder tops (or dresses) with elastic straight necklines and ruffles are some of them. Also, some dresses with a straight neckline and spaghetti straps with ruffle details. Tops with asymmetric necklines and printed patterns too. That kind of necklines would look cute with mini-hoops (that doesn’t mean that cannot be worn with statement earrings. It depends on the occasion, and your mood, as usual)



While the prospect of having a ‘normal’ summer is still very up in the air, I am sure of some things: it will still be warmer, shinier, and full of fun.

With everything that is going on everyone is planning their B and C plans for the summer. It’s a great opportunity to explore our backyards. We will have the opportunity to explore local areas and enjoy nature again.

‘Hyperlocal’ travel— exploring a neighborhood on the other side of town or newly reopened shops or restaurants in a nearby city — still will offer a sense of adventure.

Mini-hoops are perfect for any occasion, visiting a lesser-known park or heading to the lake with your family, and then enjoy a dinner in the restaurant you like. You will be ready for everything.

They also look so pretty with any work outfit. Professional, yet edgy. 

Also, you get to combine different kind of metals like rose gold and gold.  

  1. They go with any hairstyle.

The perfect hairstyle for summer is the one that makes you feel lighter and more relaxed.

A hairstyle that helps to keep your hair away from your body and still looks super cute.

A ponytail can be sometimes very simple, but you can take it to the next level with clusters of mini-hoops. Using contrasting metals and sizes creates some interest. Just let the earrings speak for themselves. And don’t worry if you just have one piercing hole. There are plenty of options.

Using fake-hoops looks very edgy and can be used in different parts of your ear. Feel free to experiment.

A quick and easy hairstyle you can do for the summer is a bun. It is a super simple look that goes a long way. Just a few quick steps and you got yourself a perfect ballerina bun. Messy buns are also perfect for the summer but ironically they are not so easy to make. If you are one of those girls that can achieve that look, use your gift for the greater good and show off your hairstyle with some cute mini-hoops. That style is always so cute to look at.



So, we have already established that you won’t be traveling around the globe this summer. But that won’t stop you from having fun, doing some really fun things and taking the cutest photos.

Usually, when you travel, you have to choose between enjoying the view and shooting a memorable photo. Attempting to take quick snapshots as you rush from one location to another will leave you with the same boring photos everyone else has. Fortunately, you have a new opportunity this summer: ‘hyperlocal’ travel. This means that you already have some head start to choose your locations, getting there very early (or staying too late) and taking your tripod to the location. You will get some nice photos and your mini-hoops will be there with you all the way.

So now you have a few reasons why you should wear mini-hoops this summer. If you liked our post. Share! 

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