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15+ Extremely Sexy and Chic Swimsuit Outfits | Sophisticated Swimwear Fashion.

Feeling the sand on our feet, the seawater floating on the air, and the sun on our skin. That’s everything we should think about when we are on the beach. Enjoying those instants that we now are precious and unique. You should not be worrying whether your tummy shows a little, or your tights don’t look good. Because let’s face it, we have learned not to like ourselves just because body standards are too high. You already know that that at Statement Aura, we are all about loving ourselves just the way we are. Because let’s face it, you are gorgeous and you know it. So in that spirit, enjoy the ocean with the total conviction that you are absolutely...

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5 Reasons to Wear Mini-Hoops this Summer.

Looking for some cute piercings ideas? or even better: outfit ideas to wear with your mini-hoop piercings?.  Hoop piercings and summer style is a great combination. These cute outfits for summer will show you how different piercings ideas come to life. These are some girly piercings that you will find adorable. Who said that small piercings weren't edgy? Especially when you have some summer outfit ideas.

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