15+ Chic Ways to Wear a Vest | How to wear a Vest with your Fall outfits.

Once upon a time, puffer vests were our favorites. In those days, we thought that the scene on 'back to the future' in which wearing a puffer was regarded as strange, as hilarious. I mean, in past years puffers were a must-have staple for the cold-weather season.

 Now, we are thinking: There must be more in life than puffers! Well, there is. Even if we are keeping the puffers in our outfit repertory, we are exploring new options and trying new outfits. Because we know that life gets boring unless we are mentally challenged to create new things.

So what is new out there?  Well, we have noticed that knit vests (also called sweater vests) are everywhere.  Some of them have cable knits and patterns such as houndstooth check. Most of them are oversized, but Zara's new trends promise some cropped ones.

But, it seems that the strongest trend is wearing oversized white shirts under the vest, creating a dress-like outfit, mostly paired with combat boots. Some lug-sole boots and over-the-knee boots are present too.

So forget already about wearing a puffer vest with jeans and ankle boots. I mean, you can still wear those (if you feel like it), but for Heaven's sake: Try new Things! The worst thing it can happen is that you will feel strange, and you will go back to your old ways. But at least will know that is not your style.

To match your outfits I recommend layering a chunky chain with your oversized shirt. If you want to wear a slightly longer chain, you can button your shirt and wear it outside.  On the other hand, if you want a short chain or a cute pendant, you should wear it inside the shirt.  Add some cute hoops and a few chain bracelets, and you’ll be set to go.

 How do you style a vest? 15+ Outfits Ideas to Wear Your Vest:

Vest Outfit #1: Oversized Shirt + Houndstooth Knitted Vest + Boots.

Hate to say I told you so. But, I told you so! One of the strongest trends is wearing an oversized shirt with a vest on top. You can wear a biker shorts underneath to create the sensation of wearing a dress. Some tall combat boots will create a bold outfit.

You could also wear some over-the-knee black boots and some tights for a more stylish outfit.

Vest Outfit #2. Jeans + long-sleeved shirt + Shearing Vest.

I love how shearing vest can create such cozy and cute outfits.  And you just need basic clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, sneakers, and skinny denim jeans.

You could also wear any kind of boots to match this outfit.

Vest Outfit #3.  White Shirt + Knit Vest + Jeans.

Your white, oversized shirt goes great with all your vests. And you can match them not only with skinny jeans, but mom jeans are also great with this kind of outfits. Just add some heeled laced boots and, you are set to go.

Balloon-sleeved shirts create the same bold vibe. You can layer with a few chunky chains and, it will look cute and stylish.

Vest Outfit #4 Printed Oversized Shirt + Vest.

Wearing a white, oversized shirt is a simple option, but that doesn’t mean it is the only option. You can wear a printed shirt creating more elaborated outfits. You can wear a cable knit vest, skinny pants, and chunky sneakers to achieve a casual outfit.

You can also wear a printed vest with black tights and some tall boots. Don’t be afraid to mix prints.

Vest Outfit #5 White Oversized Shirt + Lug-sole Boots + Gray Vest + Shorts.

This season gray color is everywhere. Create a soothing color palette with gray, white, and black. It creates put together outfit with a cool vibe. The lug-soles boots (which are also trending) are the perfect addition to your outfit.

Vest Outfit #6 Leggings + White Oversized Shirt + Knitted Top (as a vest) + Boots.

If you think that knitted oversized vests are too much for you, here is another option for you: You can wear a knitted top as a vest. It creates a more form-fitting outfit and it’s a way to repurpose your warm-weather tops. Besides, it looks edgy and interesting.

Vest Outfit #7 White Oversized Shirt + Neutral Vest + Neutral Bottoms.

The easiest way to achieve a perfect fall outfit is wearing a fall color palette, which is basically a neutral color palette without some spring-like colors such as baby blue. Don’t be afraid to wear light colors, they look so cute in fall.  Add some black tights and sneakers for a casual look.

Also, Caramel will create a perfect fall-y outfit with matching pants and boots. That white, oversized shirt goes well with everything.

Vest Outfit #8 Bermudas + White Shirt + Black Vest + Chunky Shoes.

If you like a London underground kind of street style this one is for you. This black and white outfit is perfect for the not-so-cold, transitional days and surely is bold and unexpected.

So here are a few ideas for you. There is no reason why you won’t try new things. Now you have all the inspiration you need to wear fashionably a vest. If you liked it, please share!

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