A majestic wedding dress, eye-catching but classy earrings, vintage flower arrangements, your skin glowing, and the scent of your favorite perfume: you need to plan everything up the last detail on your wedding day.

Even if you have been to many weddings, nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming and fuzzy sensation you have at your own wedding. Planning ahead will allow you to sit back and relax as your own creation comes to life, and all your ideas and personal touches flourish. And that includes the hairstyle.

Probably not everything will go as planned, but your hair doesn’t need one of those things. Your hair can look just the way you want.

Choosing a reasonable simple hairstyle can make a big difference between a dream hairstyle and your worst nightmare. Something that looks classy, elaborated and still is achievable.

A traditional updo is perfect to show off a lovely tulle veil or any other flowers and embellishments you decide to wear on your hair. Adding a laid-back braided style looks like a perfect solution as the current trends tend to soft, retro-inspired hairstyles. Something that looks easy, with an 'I woke like this vibe' even when it took hours to look like that.

We found a tutorial that will help you to cross one more thing off your list (choosing a hairstyle), and you even could cross another thing (choosing the jewelry), since we suggest for you some earrings you could use.

Traditionally the wedding jewelry tend to be simple since wedding dresses tend to have insanely beautiful details. So you don’t want to overdo your wedding look. Using lovely earrings is more than enough to complete your jewelry pool (no elaborated necklaces).  Some brides even choose to wear very subtle earrings. It depends on how detailed your wedding dress is.  

So here is one simple hairstyle that you could even do by yourself. Probably you will need some extensions (the girl on the video is using some) unless you have an exceptionally long hair.


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