The Ultimate Zara Outfits To Wear Before Winter | Fall-Winter Zara Fashion.

We are all loving Zara’s fall-winter pieces. Some of them are even selling out. But here we all are contemplating all those cute Instagram outfits hoping that those gorgeous pieces will still be there when we finally decide that go and get them. 


So if you see something you like, don’t think about it twice: just go and get it. You shouldn’t feel guilty to buy what makes you happy: clothing, jewelry, ice cream, etc. 


So, it is your responsibility to make an informed decision. You should take a look around to see what is out there. Not only to get an idea about what you want to buy; but also, how are you going to wear it. Because let’s face it: buying the perfect clothes is only half of the job. Creating perfect outfits and matching it flawlessly with your favorite jewelry is the most complicated part, and you should take your time to do it. 


In our previous post: Zara Fall Outfits, we made some predictions about the upcoming trends, and we were pretty close. And now that fall is here, we are noticing some clear trends and some not so clear. 


So, after going through an ocean of Zara clothing, we tried to summarize the most remarkable Zara Trends. 


Good friends won’t let you wear boring clothes, so that’s what we are here for: to show you the most exciting and fun clothing items from Zara’s fall-winter collection. 


Faux-leather skirts.

Last year’s fever has not still faded out. We are still loving faux-leather skirts and, no wonder why. Faux leather is a fabric that screams: the cold season is here!. You can choose to wear a short skirt with tights and tall combat boots. A long houndstooth coat will go great with it. If you need more ideas about how to wear your skirt you can check out our fall skirt outfit ideas


You can choose to wear a long skirt with a sweater for colder days. 


Chunky knits. 

Chunky knits were on our fall must-haves list and above our favorites in the Zara fall outfits.  So we don’t be too surprised to see them all over the place. After all, chunky knits are so cozy, comfy, but mostly: fashionable. So don’t miss your chance to get an oversized knitted jacket for this fall-winter season. 


Also, a cropped knitted sweater will look so cute layered with an oversized shirt. After all, oversized shirts are trending. If you don’t believe it, you can check out our vest outfit ideas where oversized shirts seem to be everywhere. 


Tall Lug-sole boots.


Some people are calling them ‘the boots of the season’, everyone is going nuts about them. Actually, they sold out last week. Zara has now restocked them, but they probably will run out very fast. 


So if you are looking for the next trending clothing item, perhaps this should be it. I mean, with the current shoe trends: the chunkier, the better. We are currently seeing a street style with an influence on the London Underground Style. So Lug-sole boots and combat boots are everywhere. So, if your style wouldn’t be described as ‘Girly’, this is your time to shine. 


Plaid Overshirt.


Plaid Overshirt seems to be the star of the season. Everyone is wearing plaid overshirts in different styles: from casual styles with jeans and sneakers to skirts and combat boots to layered and cozy outfits and Parisian styles. They are all here. So if you don’t like them, I am afraid to tell you that the rest of the post is about plaid overshirts. 


They are fun, versatile, can be worn with transitional outfits, and layered in cold weather. They can be dressy or casual. So here are some suggestions on how to wear your plaid overshirt. 

How to wear your Zara’s plaid overshirt (and coats): 6 outfits to rock the cold season. 

 ·        Create the perfect transitional outfit. 

For the not-so-cold days, you can wear a skirt outfit with combat boots and an overshirt. 


Also, create a basic outfit with some cropped pants and sneakers. 


·         Layer on top of a sweater or a hoodie. 

As the weather gets colder, you can layer your plaid overshirt with a hoodie to create a cozy and casual outfit. 


If you want, you can layer with a knitted sweater for a less casual outfit. 


·         Let your shoes define your style.

When it comes to plaid overshirts (and coats), you can choose the style you want. 

Wear it with jeans and sneakers to create a casual street style


You can wear it on top of an all-black outfit, and some oxford shoes and a beret hat creating the cutest Parisian style


So what did you think of our favorite Zara clothing items for the fall-winter season? Now you can choose wisely and create the most amazing outfits. 

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