+15 Flawless Zara Outfits I Refuse to Give Up | Winter Fashion

Winter is almost over, but we didn’t want to welcome the new season until we had celebrated those iconic winter outfits, especially those Zara outfits. Otherwise, we could not call ourselves Zara’s groupies.

I know it is sometimes hard to keep up with fast fashion. Just to be clear, we are not encouraging irresponsive consumption. We want you to make the best choice possible when it comes to buying new clothing items. The responsible thing to do is make an informed decision, including looking at the available options and making sure that each clothing item goes with your personal style.

Inspiration is essential when making an informed decision.  Those gorgeous coats are not going to magically find something to combine themselves with. Those statement boots are not going to find the perfect outfit magically. It is you who should choose them, and it is YOU who should flawlessly wear them.

We still have some elements from the Fall-Winter Zara Outfits. Do you remember those chunky lug-sole boots that everyone was crazy about? They are still present in the winter outfits and probably still will be there on the transitional spring outfits.

We still have some knitted pieces and neutral colors everywhere.  Some of those outfits have an ATHFLOW influence with comfy but dressy neutral pieces (I don’t know if we will ever get enough neutral colors).

Choose your Zara clothing pieces wisely, and feel free to choose some jewelry pieces on your way out to match those perfect Zara Outfits.

 Here are some Winter Zara Outfits from Instagram:

Cropped Sweaters: make your winter outfit edgy.

Only suitable for statement outfits. Can’t wear a cropped sweater without grabbing some attention. So if you think that winter outfits are boring, a cropped sweater is definitely the way to go.




Knitted Dresses: ATHFLOW influence.

Knitted pieces seemed to grab some traction recently. Being present in new trends such as ATHFLOW, they are simply perfect for winter outfits. They’ll keep you cozy and fabulous at the same time. You can wear them with some combat boots, or with some tall boots.



Neutral Coats: Key Clothing Pieces.

While camel coats seemed to be everywhere during the fall season, now neutral coats appeared to be key clothing pieces. They will create a perfect winterly vibe on your winter outfits.


Also, they are perfect to create an ideal snow outfit.



Knitted Sweats are not for old people.

No winter outfit is complete without a cozy knitted pieces. And exactly when you thought you could not match them in a novel way, we found these ideas.

You can create a laid-back outfit with a knitted sweatshirt, a ribbed hat, and some tall boots.


You can match an all-black outfit with a knitted sweater with details on the sleeves and some cozy boots for the snow.


Chunky Lug-sole Boots, AGAIN!

Chunky lug-sole boots are here since the beginning of the fall season, and they are probably not going anywhere. So if you haven’t tried them already, now is your chance.

You can wear an oversized shirt (also present in our Fall-Winter Zara Outfits) layered with a knitted sweater, some shorts, and your lug-sole boots.

You can wear a coat-and-shorts outfits to create a dress sensation. 


Layer your knitted pieces.

Your knitted fall pieces only need one thing to enter the winter: layering.


You can layer using a neutral color palette to create a clean look and make your life less complicated.


Oversized jackets? Why not?

This past year we had oversized shirts, oversized blazers, oversized sweaters. So we might as well welcome oversized jackets.

You can wear them with black leather leggings.


Alternatively, you can wear it with pants set to create the perfect ATHFLOW outfit.


So, what did you think of our favorite ZARA outfits? If you liked them, share!


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