15 Cute Summer Zara Outfits You Can´t Wait to Wear.

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What I love about Zara’s fashion is that it is so edgy, and they always have something new to wear. And the latest pieces are no exception.

We have seen some of the elements before: knots, bows, ruffles, balloon sleeves, and asymmetric necklines. All of them, very Zara-like.  Despite these well-known elements, we have new summerly vibes with bright colors, new silhouettes, and flashy prints.

Also, some minimalistic and basic pieces, that are versatile and can be worn on different occasions. Even some are made to layer your outfits and create different outfits

If you look at Zara’s collection you can totally imagine yourself wearing those white, fresh, flowy dresses for what it could be catalog as a fashionable picnic. Because let’s face it, very often we make a picnic with our oldest clothes, because they could get dirty. But what’s the point on organizing something special if you are not going to feel special at all?. So please consider wearing something adorable for your summer-related activities.

Even if you need to stay at home, wear something comfy but cute. Perhaps a knitted dress, or some jeans with a black halter top. You will be always prepared for a potential lockdown and your hottest photos won’t be with a quilt or a pillow gracefully wrapped with a belt.

Finally, we have some party classics like LBD's (little black dresses) and other work-appropriate pieces. Some cute dresses with rustic elements that go perfectly with a vintage vibe.

I love looking at some of the Zara influencers’ outfits, to get into the right mood and dare to try new outfits. Because even the most basic pieces can be worn in ways that you never thought before, depending on the occasion, the weather, and even how you are feeling today.

Also, influencer's outfits feel more relatable. I mean, who in their right mind would wear a gingham top and skirt with rain boots (unless is about to rain): 

zara summer outfit

source: Zara / IG: bridalada

Anyway, Zara has pieces for all moods and occasions. It doesn’t matter if you want a shirt dress for work, or some party classic, or even a comfy outfit for the weekend, they seem to have it all.

No matter what you choose don’t forget to wear it with the right attitude and style. Please enjoy those floral prints, asymmetric necklines, fresh fabrics, and versatile pieces. It doesn’t matter to go with a flowy maxi-dress, or a draped mini-dress, animal or floral prints. 

The time has come to use your polychromatic earrings and those that feel too perky sometimes. Enjoy the summer vibe and the fresh air. If there’s something we have learned lately, it’s that we don’t know what could happen next.

Zara outfit #1. White top with bow + Jeans + Sunnies.

Zara outfit #2. Printed poplin top + Jeans + Statement Earrings

Zara outfit #3. Halter top + Jeans.

Zara outfit #4. Animal print skirt + T-shirt.

Zara outfit #5. Jean Skirt + White Vest+ Sunnies.

Zara outfit #6. Gingham top + skirt + Statement Earrings.

Zara outfit #7. Ruffled pants + halter neck bodysuit.

Zara outfit #8. Polka dots dress + rhinestone earrings.

... Hi there! if you loved the polka dots outfit I'm sorry to inform you that there was a little mistake by one of our Outfit Agents... this one doesn't belong to Zara. And even worst, it is out of stock... We are very sorry for the inconvenience.. if you want to see the original product click here.. 

Zara outfit #9. Animal Print Skirt + T-shirt + Combat Boots

Zara outfit #9. Wide Jeans + Top.

Zara outfit #10. Leather pants + top with bow.

Zara outfit #11. Floral mini skirt + top.

Zara outfit #12. Denim Short + Pad T-shirt .

Zara outfit #13. Blue silky Dress

Zara outfit #14. Orange Wrap Top + jeans + statement earrings

Zara outfit #15. Orange Wrap Top + jeans + stud earrings.


So now you have some inspiration to wear this summer. If you liked it, share!

 Are you too late for spring?  click here to see more Zara Outfits. 



  • Great clothes

    DIane ROtha
  • Hi Shea! You are completely right!. One of our outfit Agents was a little confused. We linked above to the actual store. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

    Statement Aura
  • Hi Alexandra! We are not in the business of affiliate marketing, our job is to INSPIRE you! We are very sorry for the inconvenience!

    Statement Aura
  • Yeah, definitely can’t find this polka dot dress on Zara website.

  • Why no links to these individual clothing items?


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