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About us



Life is way too short to spend another day in war with yourself.

Statement Aura is a state of mind where you feel gorgeous, confident, powerful, feminine, and alive. A special daring sanctuary from your hectic daily routine.

No outfit is too overdressed if you are on the right mood.  Never shrink yourself to make other people comfortable. Because wearing big and bold is for those ones who want to be noticed. Make your outfit more fun, and just put a smile on your face: Give a girl the right earrings and she will conquer the world.

Let your style speak for you, be yourself, and the party won’t start till you walk in.

Now that we have been properly introduced, hang around and check us out. What kind of earrings do you feel like putting on today? I’m sure they are shiny and stunning like you.

And… well… aren’t you feeling gorgeous today?